Salsa Safely
➔ Partnering with BBDO and Chi-Chi’s, we set out on a mission to show the world How To Salsa Safely. One might ask, what’s so dangerous about eating salsa?

*inhales deeply*

Well, what isn’t dangerous about eating salsa? It can be spicy, and sometimes the jar is hard to open, and don’t even get us started on double-dipping!
➔ Chi-Chi's needed some help explaining the obvious. For instance: don’t double dip, or don’t play mouth-to-mouth party games. Our job was to design, make it move, and make it funny.

In an effort to enhance the story in the animation phase, the camera was moved as if it were navigating a real page of an instruction manual. Character animation was also executed in an overly demonstrative, dead-pan approach. Mucho funny. Funny bueno.

This approach allowed us to stay more true to the source material, create more laughs, and create a fresh look for Chi-Chi’s.
Role: Creative Direciton

➔ Full credits @ Hue+Cry
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