VA Lotto
Step 1: pick a number one through fifteen.

Step 2: win cash!

Well, you can also lose, but I like to keep a positive mindset. Yebo came to us with a great opportunity to help create a memorable experience for the Cashpop players. The challenge was: how do you make picking a number more fun? By making each number a character, of course. Yebo provided some laugh-out-loud character outlines, and we were off to the races!
Creating Character
➔ Priority numero uno was to create a well-rounded cast that Cashpop players can identify with. Are you a bookworm? Then you might choose #1 who prefers to stay in, turn on some low-fi beats, and enjoy a good book. If you are the life of the (tailgate) party, then #5 is your pick to click. Don’t even get us started on #6. Stupid Sixy #6!
➔ It all started with sketches. Many, many, many doodles were done before moving the pencil concepts into 3d where we modeled, animated, and created dozens of bespoke textures.
➔ I still love you ❤️
Role: Creative Director

➔ Full credits @ Hue+Cry
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