Mountain Dew
Dew Epic
➔ Did you know that Mountain Dew is a very extreme beverage? Probably…but how extreme? Like, air born ATV transforming into a skateboarder and grinding a ledge of a pool — extreme? 
Being Dew dabblers ourselves, we were stoked to strap in and launch headfirst into the Mountain Dew-niverse with custom design, animatics, and keys + tweens for days.
Animation Process
➔ Animatics were established first to give a sense of how the character and the camera would work together. Action packed shots were a priority across the piece, so it was important for step one to bring the heat. After locking those in, one step at a time, we went from rough pencils all the way to cleanup.
2D + 3D
➔ Building a custom 3d bottle allowed us to show the product off radically for “chug shots”. To tie the look of the bottle into the rest of the environment, we developed a custom toon-shader that had interactive highlights and shadows. To top it off, the addition of simulated condensation allowed for maximum refreshment factor. Gnarly.
Character Development
Role: Creative Director

➔ Full credits @ Hue+Cry
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